Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fabric Swatch Mosaic

This is a mosaic of all the wonderful fabrics I have found for a custom order of 6 coordinating the hard part is narrowing it down! Any suggestions on which 6 you would choose? Brown is the main with hot pink and apple green accents. Thanks for the input :)

1. michelle engel bensko birds in natural dogwood fabric, 2. sandi henderson farmers market spring apple dot michael miller, 3. robert kauffman another iota pucci circles cocoa, 4. richloom matisse sprays apple green, 5. robert kaufman another iota pebble dots tropical, 6. michael miller carnival bloom brown, 7. robert kaufman fresh as a daisy spring paisley, 8. unikko, 9. denver fabrics terrace kelso brown maggie pink 6.95yd, 10. Brown Rose, 11. Brown Pink Lefleur, 12. denver fabrics spiral paisley maggie pink kelso brown, 13. reprodepot jewel mobile chocolate, 14. Brown Green paisley, 15. denver fabrics cream brown shirting 4.75yd, 16. denver fabrics mikado floral maggie pink kelso brown 8.95yd, 17. denver fabrics brown mulit lawn 5.75yd, 18. denver fabrics cream brown print lawn 5.75yd, 19. Brown pink green medley, 20. denver fabrics black multi floral poplin 4yd, 21. Brown Pink mod rose, 22. brown shantung, 23. denver fabrcics mikado floral marzipan daffney, 24. denver fabrics paisley kelso brown maggie pink 6.95yd

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Oooo, I notice you have the Kaufman circles in cocoa. Do you have any available to buy?