Wednesday, September 22, 2010

T is for...

...Tapir: Multicolored Tapirs Card Pack by Chocolate Cake and Beer

...Tarantula: Halloween Small Treat/Gift Bags Set of 4 by Lucky Lady Paper Crafts

...Tern: Star Tern Knitted Recycled Electrical Wire Sculpture by John Binet Fauvel

...Timber Wolf: Wolf Stained Glass Suncatcher by U.P. North Suncatchers

...Turtle: Turtle Shaped Quilt by THUMBelina Wool Ranch

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

S is for...

...Salmon: Salmon Tile or Coaster by Tile Goddess

...Sandpiper: Sandpiper and Shell Necklace by Fishbone Silver

...Seal: Little Seal Gurumi Crochet Pattern by Luvly Gurumi

...Shark: Bathtub Shark Attack Print by Joe Havasy

...Squirrel: Squirrel Plate, made to order by The Untrained Eye

Friday, September 10, 2010

R is for...

...Raccoon: Rita the Raccoon Pillow by Digaliggins

...Rat: Madame Rivalekas, Rat and Clock Magnet Set by Madam Rivalekas Asylum

...Raven: Ravens Can be Pesky Critters, This Bird is Ready for Some Morning Mischief
by Tapestry316

...Roadrunner: Rudy Run Run by Artilicious

...Robin: Christmas Robin Mug by Ceramics for Everyone

Friday, September 3, 2010

Q is for... a here are a bunch of Quails...
...and one Quoll...

Handmade Decorative Quail in Green and White by Sea Pinks

It Wasn't Me Quail Pinback Button by Tamara Kraft

Red Quails Ceramic Dish by Villarreal Ceramics

Cute Quail Linocut Card Set by Crafty Hag

Q is For Quoll by J Hill Design