Monday, August 30, 2010

P is for...

...Parakeet: Parakeets Perched on Bamboo, Tall Glasses by Swirly Garden

...Peacock: Blue Peacock Button Tote, Painted Canvas and Vinyl by Chanda Helzer

...Pig: Silly Pig Pillow by A Quiet Place

...Platypus: Percy the Platypus Softie by Mookah

...Porcupine: A Wonky Porcupine Named Chester, Infant T-Shirt by Wonky Rocket

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

O is For...

...Ocelot: Ocelot Screen printed on Pigment Dyed Canvas Field Bag
by Inkwell Custom

...Opossum: The Persnickety Opossum Print by John W Golden

...Orca: Love Angels Wedding Cake Topper - Love Orca Whale
with Sweet Heart by Kikuike

...Ostrich: Hand Painted Quilt, Nursery Art by Patchwink

...Otter: Custom Otter Gadget Cozy by Birdona Fern Studio

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

N is for...

...Nighthawk: A Time to Rest 6x8 by R Robert's Photos

...Nile Crocodile: Nile Crocodile King, hand painted print by Poor Dog Farm

...Numbat: Digital PDF Crochet Pattern 7th MCC Cumkat the Numbat by Peggytoes

...Nuthatch: Original Framed Nuthatch Collage Art by Jill Haglund

...Nyala: Nyala at the Watering Hole, Original Oil Painting 18x24 by Liz Rose Art

Monday, August 2, 2010

Comic Gal

Comic POW Embroidered Headband by Janine Basil

Catwoman Reincarnated Comic Bracelet by Kari Katzi

Wonder Woman Vintage Record Album 1977, Repurposed into Tray by Vindicated Vinyl

Wonder Woman Patent Wedge, size 55W/6 by Pachainka Pink

Storm Wallet by Japip