Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve Gift Exchange

I can't forget the package I put together for our blind exchange...the type where you either steal what someone else has or open a new one...after 3 times exchanging hands the gift is with its final owner. In this case, it was my cousin - who now has a great excuse to be left alone to relax.. All these goodies are from Spotted Cow Soaps...Sparkling Champagne Parfait Lotion, Sparkling Champagne Soap. Sparkling Champagne Bubble Bath, Cranberry Garland Dead Sea Salts, and a Bath Puff.


Anonymous said...

What a delicious exchange and how fabulous to find your blog! Will definitely be back for more. All the best ~ Sharon

Fluttering Designs said...

No wonder there's a warning about butt bubbles - these bath goodies look good enough to eat!

storybeader said...

neat idea for the gift exchange - our treasure it forward will take forever to get around. MMmmm, keeps people involved in the team? lol.

Love your triple column. 3-columns makes text easier to read and it also gives you room for gadgets!